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      Awarded “Top Speaker” at the International Leadership Conference!

      David Ferrier is a one of the best conference speakers who started his career as a jackaroo on horse back.He earned a great success and appreciation in motivational speaking and training in Adelaide.

      “Dynamic, engaging, entertaining and impactful!”

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      David Ferrier has professionally spoken at souse conferences throughout Australia over the past 10 years and has been recognised as having the best audience ratings in the business.


      David Ferrier is an inspirational and motivational professional speaker that is the past president of the National speakers Association of Australia. He is a learned professional speaker that is able to inspire people into action.


      Leadership is about mindset self-awareness communication with yourself and communication with others. David is an award winning leadership speaker and will inspire your leaders into action well after the event.




      David Ferrier is one of the Top professional Speakers Australia….

      David Ferrier is one of the top Motivational Speakers Australia and has been awarded the best speaker 2 times in international business conferences in Dec 2012 and May 2013. He is now counted among the top 10 conference speakers in the world. He delivers a quality and unique experience to his audiences and motivates his them into action after the talk. He is known as one of the most learned and experienced speakers in Australia with a great gift to uplift the audience like no other. He covers various topics such as sales, leadership, perception, change and more. Minimum Requirements to look for in a Motivational Speaker:

      • A person with innovative, transformative and up-to-date content.
      • A person with ability to deliver X factor performance.
      • Person who inspires the people on day buy generally inspires into action after the day.

      Thus, Davis Ferrier is the best conference speakers who match all the above mentioned briefs among the clients. Known with Different Titles such as:

      • The sales surgeon
      • The brain surgeon
      • The body language surgeon
      • The change surgeon
      • The networking surgeon
      • The leadership surgeon



      “High level of professionalism and passion – significant change in our Average Selling Price (ASP) within days to levels not previously seen…”


      ~ Jan Pollard – Chief Audiologist – National Training Manager ~


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      Dave Ferrier, Director of Resultzcorp Pty Ltd


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